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CakePHP is one of the most popular application frameworks for development on the web. CakePHP is an MVC-based framework and It is an designed to make common web development task simple and easy.

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a free open-source PHP development framework for PHP, based on an MVC-like architecture that is powerful, but also easy to comprehend. Using it, the CakePHP framework represents a fundamental structure for programmers to create web applications. Using it, the developers are possible to work in a structure and rapid manner, without mislay flexibility. CakePHP providing an all-in-one toolbox to get you started the several parts of CakePHP work well cooperatively or separately.

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Perceiving MVC

MVC is stand for Model View Controller. MVC is an architectural pattern, not a design patter that describes a way to structure to our application and define responsibilities and interactions for each part in the structure.

MVC has a three layers and they has own importance in MVC

* Model Layer: The model layer helps to utensil the business logics. The basic work for model layer is to handle data hold data like processing, associating, validating and more. Model layer is having control over database connectivity and saving the data to database. Model layer also would be taking care for task like storing and retrieving user data.

* View: View layer provides various ways to present data receive from model. View layer is responsible to present data to any supported format and layout such as video, documents, music and other format you want.

*Controller Layer: Controller layer holds user request. It offers answering to user with the joined action of model and view layer. Controller layer is having control over receive user request, fetch suitable resources for task and choose proper view to back to the client.

Consequence of MVC in CakePHP:

* MVC detachment decreases the multifaceted nature when planning extensive applications.

* Transforms an applications into sensible and secluded created extend.

* Helps in parallel advancement by partitioned group.

* Simple for designers to center and specialization.

Welfares of CakePHP

Easy to understand:

It is easy to use CakePHP. You don’t should be a specialist to deal with this awesome stage. Authorized under the MIT, CakePHP is accessible for nothing.

Snappy and adaptable:

CakePHP is quick in handling that can be utilized to create astonishing web applications. It gives cool components to information approval that makes it exceptionally adaptable.

Highly Secure:

With the assistance of a few implicit devices, for example, SQL infusion anticipation, CSRF security, and info approval; CakePHP is considered as an approved device.

A substantial number of aides and finish documentation are accessible with the CakePHP that makes it simple to code. In the event that you run with this system of advancement, then you can even reuse the code of your old activities. On the off chance that you are anticipating build up a web application in view of CakePHP, then visit Baymediasoft. The organization offers the most creative CakePHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and PHP improvement benefits and no more temperate cost.

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In this section, we saw what CakePHP, and how it can help us to create applications that are very much organized, and that likewise quick to create. We likewise talked about what we comprehend by PHP structure and what configuration examples are. We looked carefully into the MVC design, which is an imperative piece of CakePHP.

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