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By Joanne Hammond

The bathroom is a room which can be decorate with more humour than any other room in the home. Many people choose to use bathroom wall stickers in this room as they are so easy to use and add a sense of fun and design in a simple form.

This room is often the smallest in the home, but that doesn’t mean you cannot play around with the styling. Walls are often best kept painted in subtle colourings, especially if you are renting. However you can add some colour by using the bathroom wall stickers. This is the ideal space to be adventurous and be brave with design and colour choices.

Add a Splash of Colour and Encourage Cleanliness in Children

There are many different types of bathroom wall stickers to choose between. Many people love to dive into the under the sea theme, which makes perfect sense in the bathroom. You will find some great bathroom wall stickers which include fish. By placing the fish over the walls you can feel like you are exploring under the sea, and your children will love it.


If you find your children hate bath time then changing the decoration and making it more fun might help encourage your children to spend time getting clean. The fish add colour and you can play games using the bathroom wall stickers to take your child’s mind off the fact that they are in the bath. Spend time counting certain colours, or make up stories using the fish.

Go for Something Completely Different with Bathroom Wall Stickers

If you find the idea of fish not too appealing then you will be happy to know there is plenty of other bathroom wall sticker packs to choose from. There are no hard and fast rules you need to stick to so why not have some fun.

There are many flower packs which would transform the bathroom. There are some funky styles which are bright and colourful or pretty pastels which add some subtle colour without being over bearing. You could add something more by combining the delicate butterfly bathroom wall stickers to dance between the flowers.

This is the one room where you have the option of being brave and even outrageous. However, if you would like it to remain in keeping with the rest of your home this is possible as well. You do not have to make a statement; there are stickers which are subtle, traditional or contemporary. It is possible to create a clean design which will create a modern bathroom space, ideal for relaxing in at the end of a busy day.

Cat Lovers Unite – Find the Perfect Cat Stickers Online

You may be a home of cat lovers, so why not dedicate the bathroom to your feline friends. The cat bathroom wall stickers are some fun and come in a variety of packs to suit your style. The silhouette cats are especially appealing. Use one wall and create a feature using the bathroom wall stickers.

The stickers are waterproof which make them perfect for the bathroom. Just attach them to the wall and they will transform the room in minutes. Just make sure that the walls are clean and dry before you attach the bathroom wall stickers. That way they will adhere to the walls perfectly.

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