Dental Surgery Should Be Understood First


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Is it the 6th month already? You’re scheduled to have a dental checkup this month. Dentists always have to remind their patient to visit them every 6 months in order to check for any cavities or dental cleaning. This should be on your list because this is part of your dental hygiene. A fresh clean mouth is something that we should all strive for.

There are a lot of procedures or things that you need to do when you visit the clinic. You need to have those x-rays, cleaning, and extracting of those bad teeth. Some of these procedures are painful and require sedation. One should understand as to why there is a need to do the procedure. Here are 3 common procedures and the reason behind them most dentists would recommend.


1.Root Canal- a procedure that removes the pulp in a tooth and the dentist fills in something to the chamber. This is where oral bacteria forms and it then becomes harmful. This would affect your immune system if it is weak and this would enter in to your bloodstream and tissues surrounding it. It is where a major root canal extraction procedure is done. Root canal is done in order to prevent the bacteria and infection from coming back again.

2.Having silver fillings or having Amalgam fillings contains mercury. This is the most toxic of all heavy metals and can really poison one’s body. It definitely stops the ability of the body to take off the illness. This often leads to some of the neurological diseases. So if you need a filling, you just have to ask your dentist about the kind of fillings, which do not have these poisonous and dangerous kinds of metal oxides.

3.XRAYS should not be performed every 6 months because of the high radiation. Dentist might say that it is safe because the radiation is not as heavy as the sun’s radiation. But this can really affect one’s health. Thus this can cause skin cancer and can damage internal organs. One of the most concerns is having brain tumors and thyroid cancer. You should not have dental x-ray if it only concerns regular check-up.

There are a lot of things that dentist has to do with your dental health. Once you are in the clinic for sure the dentist can find a lot of things you should be doing and be aware of about your dental health. If you have a healthy one, then there is no need to fret. But if you need to have those dental surgery or procedures make sure that you know the reason behind them. Make sure that it will be safe on your side. Always know the logical reason behind everything. You should always ask questions regarding dental health to your dentist at the same time do research what modern dentistry is nowadays.

Remember you only get one set of real adult teeth, and you need to treat them with the respect they deserve. One of many people regrets as they get older is not taking care of their dental health in their earlier years.

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