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Dowco is one of the leading manufacturer of covers to protect your vehicle. Dowco makes covers for Boats, Pontoons, Snowmobiles, Personal Watercraft, ATV’s and motorcycles. Dowco has now also ventured in to the motorcycle luggage industry and is manufacturing quality, tank bags, luggage systems, Saddlebags and saddle rolls for motor cycles. The company originally was founded by Herb and Ed Dow in 1922 as a tent awning company, in 1975 the company was acquired by the present owners and expanded in to making quality covers for recreational vehicles and now their catalog also includes luggage for bikes.

Below are several of the types of Saddlebags, luggage systems and tank bags that are currently being produced by Dowco.

Fastrax Sport and Adventure Elite Series Saddlebags are made to fit sport touring bikes which generally are always in need fro more storage for longer trips. These saddlebags are made from 1680 denier polyester with carbon fiber vinyl accents which make them a perfect fit for a sport touring bike look. The bags feature waterproof zippers with lockable zipper pulls. Rain hoods are sewn in in case you get caught in extreme weather conditions while out riding. The saddlebags are easy to remove and carry with you while you are away from your bike. A convenient handle as well as shoulder straps are provided making it easy to sling them over your shoulder and take with you. Unexpanded these saddle bags measure 16 x 8 x 7, while expanded they measure 16 x 8 x 11.


The Iron Rider Motorcycle Luggage System Garment Bag is one of 5 pieces in this collection which is designed to be a flexible luggage system that allows you to tailor your storage needs for each trip. The garment bag is designed to easily allow you to carry clothes on hangers. Made from durable polyester with a rain hood and special zippers designed to keep water out. A rubber base on the bottom of this piece protects the contents from moisture when setting the garment bag on the ground. A shoulder strap is included to make it easy for you to carry the bag when it is off the bike. Separate storage compartments allow you to separate your clothes, making it easy to separate dirty from clean. The measurements of the bag are 18L x 10 W x 8D (0.875 cu. ft.).

The Iron Rider Motorcycle Luggage System Main Bag is another one of the pieces of luggage that are available in the Iron rider luggage system. This main bag measures 18L x 11W x 11D (1.26 cu. ft.). This bag provides great storage for a variety of articles. Made from 1680 polyester, including a rain hood and specialized zippers which keep the rain out. A rubber base is provided to keep the bottom of the bag from getting wet while sitting on the ground. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry this bag with you while you are off the bike. Multiple internal compartments make it easy for you to keep items separated.

The Fastrax Sport and Adventure Elite Series Tank Bags are designed with a non slip scratch resistant padded base. This tank bag features a unique compartment to accommodate a hydration bladder which is sold separately. This tank bag is made from 1680 denier polyester. It includes waterproof zippers with lockable zipper pulls, external storage areas, a lockable security cable, sewn in rain hoods, a clear electronic storage area with passenger audio and power ports, internal storage pockets and reflective material on the outside for extra safety at night. This tank bag is easy to take a long by either using the handy molded carry handle or the shoulder straps. The bags measurements are Unexpanded 14 x 9 x 6; Expanded – 14 x 9 x 10.

For more information on Dowco products please visit, Dowco’s website or the parts unlimited website. Any of those sources will have ample information on Dowco products.

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