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Handle of the buckets may seem to be a small thing, but it has a great role to play in term of convenience. It is a way through which one can lift a bucket. Thus, the handle should be strong with a powerful grip. We, at Ganesh Enterprises, create finest quality handles that feel comfortable in your hand. Our products are designed to help the clients in lifting heavy buckets in a proper way. The client base that we have accumulated over the years is huge. There are certain clients that can be considered to be loyal and have strong business relationship with us. Main proportion of products manufactured by us is supplied to reliable bucket industry.

The products developed

The prominence in use of buckets is in both commercial and household arena. The bucket handles are one such part that determines the effectiveness of the entire product. Handles vary in terms of the size during manufacture. There is also a difference in term of the materials used. Several varieties of materials have found their use in the manufacturing of the handles. Some of the most common materials used are that of Zinc-coat, mild-steel, chrome-plate, powder-coat, PVC and steel. There are also other kinds of handles that we manufacture. They have earned fair share of market reputation for their quality. Ganesh Enterprises manufacture such items that dont feel too large or small for your grip. This eliminates the risk of slipping off, of the bucket while carrying.


Working process and infrastructure

Outsourcing of the work brings depletion in the quality of the product. That is why we have made it a motto to conduct the manufacturing work within our industrial boundaries. There are no expert consulting engineers associated with us. This is because, as reputed bucket handles manufacturers, we like to deal with our production process by ourselves. That is why there is a perfect association of administrative working and manufacturing procedure in our organization. The personnel working with us are expert in both.

Moreover, the presence of skilled workers helps with high-quality bucket handles production. Ganesh Enterprises always thrive to present you with superiority product with the help of our state-of-art infrastructure. Technologically advanced equipments found their use in the production process. Along with that, new technologies are also incorporated to maintain excellent quality for the product. Along with that, the production process is also very stringent that reduces the chances of occurrence of any dispute in the products manufactured.

Customer satisfaction

Working of our organization aims at presenting the customers with total satisfaction. Careful designing of the products present the clients with the best usability option. The designing of the items are befitting the requirement of the clients. The affordable pricing of the products also proves to be an appealing aspect. The production and supply of the bucket handles are in accordance with the requirement of the customers.

Getting in touch

The user-friendly official website helps the clients in getting information about our working. IN case you want to place an order with us, log onto our official URL at or give us a call at any of our numbers, 9764292130 / 9764292129 / 9890427499.

About the Author: Ganesh Enterprises is one of the quality bucket handles manufacturers in India, specialized in producing zinc plated handles and powder coated handles. We also supply drum handles, paint bucket handles, chrome plated handles, PVC sleeves handles across major countries. Visit our official website:

or Call us on: 9764292130 / 9764292129 / 9890427499 for product specification or price details.


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