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The Womans Wellness Centre – One stop solution to maternity care, offers full range of ante-natal testing including blood and urine tests to women across UK. In addition, our obstetric physiotherapist help to ease pregnancy related aches and pains or some structural problems like symphysis pubis dysfunction.

Are you looking for private maternity care for this very special time in your life? The Womans Wellness Centre can provide you and your partner with a friendly and caring service so you can enjoy your pregnancy without any of the worry.

We offer the full range of ante-natal testing at our state of the art facilities including blood and urine tests and a variety of ultrasound scans.

Scans for your Baby

Our advanced equipment gives you access to:


Early dating scans

Nuchal translucency scans these measure the amount of fluid under the skin at the back of the babys neck.

20 week anomaly scans to check the baby is anatomically correct and healthy and to identify the babys gender if you would like to know.

Foetal growth and wellbeing scans these can be done to check the position of the baby prior to delivery, for instance, whether he is head down or breach presentation or to check your babys size if your bump is smaller than average.

Scans can provide a more accurate estimation of when your baby is due, calculate what the risk of Down Syndrome is and check for other genetic conditions or physical abnormalities. Your babys estimated weight and length can also be measured via a scan if there are any concerns about whether you should give birth vaginally.

Scans are also a fantastic bonding experience as you get to see your baby before he or she is born.

Do you need a Physiotherapist?

At the Womans Wellness Centre, we have a visiting obstetric physiotherapist to help ease those pregnancy related aches and pains that are caused by weight gain and a change in posture so if you have backache and sore ankles you dont just have to put up with it. The physiotherapist can also assist with more specific structural problems like symphysis pubis dysfunction or help if you have a pre-existing medical condition like arthritis.

Give Birth in the Best Maternity Units

We have a team of professional and highly qualified consultant obstetricians who can refer to Londons top maternity units so you can have your baby in a hospital with some of the best facilities in the UK and with an obstetrician you have built a trusting doctor-patient relationship with during your pregnancy.

Midwife Home Visiting Service

If you like the idea of woman to woman care, our midwifery service provides experienced midwives who are mothers themselves. They can visit you at home to carry out your antenatal checks very useful in late pregnancy when it is more difficult to get around.

They also offer birth preparation classes and after your baby is born, post-birth support and advice on breastfeeding and other subjects relating to your newborn.

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