Girikon’s is aSalesforce Consultant Partnerand our consultants have the experience with multiple leading technologies. Below our Salesforce Consultant examines the return of investment when choosing a Salesforce CRM Solution for your business.

As a business owner, the very first thought comes to my mind when a “CRM” is suggested for business growth:

  1. What values it will bring to my business?
  2. What will the ROI by adopting CRM in practice?

Now let’s draw a line under the above queries. Whether you are operating as a SME or larger business, a CRM is considered as backbone to business growth. It ensures that the company can streamline the sales operations process, centralize customer’s information, focus on the customer journey, as well as fostering inter-departmental collaboration.

According to Nucleus’ Research 2014 study, each dollar spent on a CRM implementation returns about $8.71 in sales revenue. Adoption a CRM is also delivers better service and communication to your customers and therefore a CRM always pays you back in increased revenue and a better customer experience.

Twenty-odd years ago a traditional CRM was purchased, implemented, maintained and designed locally. This required more effort equating to higher costs to the business and when any small customization was made to the software it would add to the cost for the CRM. A lot of options (CRM products) are found while searching for a CRM. Many of the options seem promising to deliver the right solution for your business needs but almost always end up offering basic functionalities which is one of the key challenges. In recent times we have overcome this challenge with the introduction of Salesforce a cloud based CRM.

The Salesforce solution received the limelight by shaping market when it introduced cloud computing. Salesforce does not only is a customer relationship management system it supports the entire customer journey including marketing campaigns, sales operations, account management and customer support efficiently. It is reflected in the revenue Salesforce has generated and growth experienced globally over the last decade.

I think reason behind its successes are as follows:

  • Easy accessible
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Supports cloud based storage
  • Inbuilt Intelligence
  • A large application marketplace such as AppExchange which provides applications for most needs
  • Salesforce requires less time to implement its functionality.

Salesforce prioritizes the privacy of individual business and their records so that the only access to the solution is those that have purchased a license to access their org. Business owners can restrict their user to access the data according to the configured the hierarchy level defined by the organization.

Below is the detailed description on how Salesforce can boost your business process and ultimately increase Sales revenue:

Sales Automation

  • Account and contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Sales data
  • Mobile
  • Workflow and approvals
  • Files sync and share
  • Reports and Dashboard
  • Sales forecasting

Marketing Automation

  • Journey builder
  • Email studio
  • Salesforce DMP
  • Data studio
  • Social studio
  • Advertising studio
  • Mobile studio
  • Interaction studio
  • Pardot

Service Automation

  • Customer support
  • Task maintenance process automation
  • Assist customers through Social channel
  • AI-powered Chabot’s

Collaboration Automation

  • Interaction among customer, partners and employees
  • Real time information exchange
  • Personalized forum
  • Audience engage
  • Streaming the communication process

Analytics Automation

  • Einstein analytics usage to analyze data faster, revel hidden insights and Opportunities
  • AI driven tool access
  • Helps stakeholder to take business decision fast
  • Data analysis

To increase you Sales Revenue, Improve Internal Communications and customer satisfaction a cloud based CRM tool such as Salesforce in my opinion is considered a good investment. To implement Salesforce CRM, you would need Salesforce partner.

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