Secret No 2: How to Make Friends in Runescape


Roy Phay

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If you already have a large extended family in RuneScape, then you may not need this Runescape tip. However, this Runescape secret will help you find a fun social network while playing Runescape. Having good Runescape friends also means making millions much easier.

When you first play RuneScape, you might find yourself not being taken seriously in the beginning. For example you might ask someone to be your Runescape friend, but they might think you re a moocher and only after their Runescape items.

But having a network of friends in RuneScape is an important part of the game. Having friends makes training less boring, fighting Runescape dragons less scary and PKing is ten times as more fun.


Making a Runescape friend in the Runescape game might be different than making one in real life but a lot of the same rules of friendship and loyalty apply.

A key to any good friendship is having something you enjoy doing together. For example, if you like mining, start talking to another Runescape player while you swing your pick or if you enjoy fishing, chat with a new friend about fishing levels while you cage your lobster.

Runescape player levels don t matter to start with. As long as you both can do something together and enjoy it, you can invite a Runescape acquaintance to become your friend, by asking him or her to add you. It s really very easy, and the more Runescape friends you have the better a time you ll have playing the game.

Just like in life, sometimes you might get rejected but don t take it personally because usually the rejection has nothing to do with you. For example, a Runescape player s parents could restrict the time they can spend on the computer. For this reason, they may want to focus on playing the game and not chatting.

If you find it hard to make friends, a great way to create loyal Runescape friendship is to make friends with noobs . Most people aren t noobs forever and could eventually end up being killer Runescape players especially if they have help from good friends.

One of the best ways to make a lasting Runescape friend is PKing. Here s how to do it. If you like to PK then find someone in Runescape around your level. Ask them to team up. At first you may have to watch out for backstabbing but after you get your first kill together, you could have a Runescape friend for life.

Another thing: if you re selling an item to a Runescape player and it s a fair price (it should be), then don t hesitate to chat about stuff outside of the trade. You might find that you ll make a lasting Runescape friend this way not to mention a reliable buyer in the long run.

It s important that you don t expect anything from your friends. Sure, Runescape friends do favors for each other, but don t expect them to do unreasonable stuff for you. A simple saying you might have heard your grandparents say is true what goes around comes around .

The most common mistake that screws up RuneScape friendships is one person demanding something from the other just because he s a friend in Runescape. This is a serious no-no: don t act desperate and don t be a leech, and you ll have your friends list filled up in no time.

With the help of Runescape friends, your Runescape performance will skyrocket. And of course you ll have way more fun. After all, that s why we play Runescape, isn t it?

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