The Truth about Retirement Homes


Cara Larose

When your parents are retired, it is not healthy for them to just stay at your home. They need to go out and participate in recreational activities to maintain their memory and health. It is best that you transfer them to a retirement community, which has all the facilities needed for the aging process.

Though many have already benefited from retirement homes, there are still some who remain skeptical about it. If your parents form part of the skeptics, it is important to debunk their arguments. You have to convince your parents to transfer into a retirement community for their own sake.

If your retired parents say, We will transfer to a retirement home when we are older. Argue that the complications of aging begin at fifty five. When you are 55, your lifestyle should consist of exercise and recreational activities as to maintain memory and good health. If your parents claim their old gym membership is enough, argue that the regular workout is not fit for them anymore. They need to avail specialized exercise programs, which can only be offered by a retirement community.


If your parents are hesitant to transfer due to the cost of retirement communities, point out that they are entitled to Medicare services. Part of Medicare services is reimbursing retirement community expenses. If your parents are still not convinced, point out the variety of packages offered. Retirement communities do not just offer long-term contracts. There are monthly and pay-for-each-service contracts too. Your parents may opt to go in and out of the

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if budget is their concern.

If your parents claim that they will only feel vulnerable there, point out how retirement communities are very different from nursing communities. The former involves independent living, which means your parents can design their own daily agenda; while the latter involves dependent living, which means there is an imposed schedule.

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were designed to empower seniors. These places are meant to make them feel independent.

If your parents claim that

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will only make them feel lonely, point out the other retired couples that live there. Your parents will surely meet new friends. If they are still not convinced, pick a retirement community that is close to home. This will assure that you can regularly visit them.

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