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There are countless people with missing or lost teeth in Beverly Hills. All these people with missing teeth need some solution to counter problems associated with missing or lost teeth. The most reliable and dependable solution for missing teeth is installation of dental implants into the jawbone and fitting a custom made artificial tooth structures like crown or denture to the implant. The dental implant actually replace root of your teeth and the crown that sits on the implant replaces the visible part of your teeth. The dental implant based artificial teeth comes closest to the natural teeth. They feel, function, and appear quite like the natural teeth. If you are a resident of Beverly Hills or lives somewhere around Beverly Hills, you are very lucky because you can easily find a reliable, dependable, and highly skilled implant dentist in Beverly Hills.

You may wonder if it is necessary to replace missing teeth. Yes, it is necessary to replace missing teeth, because it can cause many problems. The obvious problems are related to appearance and chewing food. These two problems are not as severe as the other problems associated with missing teeth. Jawbones firmly hold root of your teeth. Teeth provide stimulation to the jawbone through the action of biting and chewing food and keep it healthy. The jawbone where the root of the tooth is fixed becomes vacant, when you lose or miss a tooth. This leads to many problems. The jawbone where the tooth is missing starts deteriorating, because there is no stimulation resulting in loss of bone in the jaw. This deterioration of the jawbone also affects the surrounding teeth. The surrounding teeth shift in position causing various problems with the bite. It becomes difficult to keep your teeth clean leading to infection, tooth decay and pain. You are left with no choice, but to replace your missing teeth.


Implant dentist in Beverly Hills recommends dental implants over teeth supported bridges, traditional dentures, and crowns. These traditional methods of tooth replacement do not solve the problem completely. The teeth supported bridges do not replace your natural teeth. Hence, the problems with the jawbone still exist. There is still chance for periodontal diseases, root canal problems, bone deterioration, tooth fractures and tooth decay. They are uncomfortable and inconvenient to the user. Moreover, the surrounding teeth have to be grinded in order to support the artificial bridge to replace the missing teeth which results in the additional stress on other teeth. On the contrary, dental implants provide all the benefits of a natural tooth to the jawbone and the entire dental setup. There is no harm caused to the surrounding teeth because of dental implants. They also prevent deterioration of jawbone as they provide stimulation to jawbone just like that of natural teeth. You get almost the same functionality as your natural teeth.

An Initial consultation with an implant dentist in Beverly Hills is free of cost. Your implant dentist will discuss your goals. He will then examine your mouth and gums to determine whether you are suitable for the procedure. An implant dentist in Beverly Hills is highly experienced in conducting this procedure on hundreds of patients. So, he is likely to show the evidences of his work in the form of photos or videos. This evidence should give you the idea of what you can expect from him and help you in your decision making.

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