The world of social media is all about likes, followers and views. In the race for getting more viewers for your content, traditional social media platforms are leading to higher levels of anxiety and stress among individuals.

Working in the mental healthcare sector, Matutu Nyabangey, the CEO and founder of HoookedUP app, could figure it out that fake persona and fake lives over the web were causing vitriolic problems in the real world. And, this proved to be the catalyst for the newest social media app: HoookedUP.

HoookedUP App: The Story Behind the Idea

Matutu wanted to introduce a platform that relies on fostering real connections among the members of the community, whether connected by proximity of location or preferences and choices. He wanted to create an app that lets users find whatever they need quickly, and effortlessly.

He discussed the idea with Dilip Patel, his close associate for over a decade. Excited by the unique idea of the app, both of them decided to partner on the project and began working on HoookedUP.

Matutu and Dilip had worked on several projects in the past. But, HoookedUp was something entirely different in terms of idea, scale, and investment. Starting with the focus on addressing the real needs of the users, it was quickly becoming a giant all-in-one social media platform. They had to build an in-house team from scratch. They spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with different features that offered enough for their users to keep coming back.

Finally! The years of hard work paid off when the HoookedUP app was launched successfully in November 2019 with astounding success.

What are the Features of the HoookedUP App?

HoookedUP is much more than any other run-of-the-mill social media app available today. It enables the users to use one app for all their needs and requirements. So, whether it is seeking information about the latest happenings in your locality, finding exciting job opportunities or getting the right buyer for your artwork, HoookedUP will connect you with real users and help you address your needs successfully.

>>Hook Up – Whatever you need, you will be able to find it on the HoookedUP app. For example; you need catering for a party or you want to hire a baby-sitter, simply leave a post on your profile to get a hookup.

>>Fill Me In – Ideal for news channels, publishers and freelancers, who want to share the latest news with the world.

>>Snap It – Got something to share? Use the Snap It feature to capture a stunning moment and share it with your community.

>>Give – If you want to give away an item to anyone of your community members, you simply need to take a few pictures of the item and write a description so that people can find you.

>>Trade – Whether you want to exchange, sell, rent or buy a product online, you need to click pictures of the product you want and let other users find you.

>>Opportunity – It works both ways! Whether you want to offer an exciting job opportunity to fellow users or you are looking to take advantage of a job opportunity posted by others, this is the way to do it.

>>Good Deeds– It is an ideal way to spread good vibes! If you did something good, click a picture and post it on HoookedUP. Inspire others to do better.

HoookedUP equals Constant Innovation

Instead of spending sleepless nights over the number of followers, HoookedUp app helps you in building trusted connections to ensure useful, reliable and effortless exchange of a variety of things: information, goods and services.

The founders believe in embracing change by constantly working on new features to enhance user experience. The team is working on several new things including built-in messaging service, ephemeral content ideas, additional video sharing capabilities and streaming facilities for independent creators.

In a world driven by social media engagement, lack of empathy is making people miserable and unhappy. On the other hand, HoookedUP is trying to give users a platform where they can really help each other and find a real sense of belonging.